Learning guitar will get you laid. Learning bass will get your guitar-playing friend laid more often, amirite?

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The bass is badass. The "b" stands for bad and the rest of the word is normal.

Sadly...not true. I had more girls going for me when I was playing bass in my band, instead of guitar. Most of them were really good looking, too.

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Learning drums will get your guitar-playing and bass-playing friends laid more often.

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Love this lol

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Ok great, but why did this get voted up so much then?


People confuse me.

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It's the person, not bass vs. guitar.

Take Nikki Sixx and Mick Mars for example. Who do you think more women go for?

Drummers may bang hard and guitarists know how to use their fingers but bassists can go deeper...

I play guitar, I haven't been laid....
Hardly anyone knows that anyway.

Or in my bands case, learning any of these instruments causes everyone to think you need mental help and nobody gets laid...

Bassists are much hotter than guitarists

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