It's awkward when someone coughs, because you don't know what to say to them, amirite?

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People overuse the word awkward. Awkward is when you hire a stripper and it turns out to be your math teacher. A person coughing is not an awkward situation.

"Cover your mouth, bitch!"

When I was little, I said, "Cough you."
Now I realize that that makes absolutely no sense

"Don't die" usually works.

I say bless you. [:
What if their soul is trying to escape through a cough?

i usually say are you okay? but idc really lol

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"I'm sorry you coughed."
I think this every time, but I rarely say it out loud...

Also when someone hiccups

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you're gooood lookin

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I usually comment on how productive it sounded. It really helps break tension to talk about phlegm

I either say "Cough bless you" or "Bless your cough"

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BLESS YO-wait...

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"Are you okay?"

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