It sucks when you have math homework with 50 problems on it but you use one method the entire time. I'm pretty sure I know how to do it after the first 10. amirite?

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That's why my math teacher doesn't believe in HW.
1. College doesn't have the typical homework.
2. He said that it's pointless to do a certain method more than 3 times in an assignment. There's only three types of problems that should go with one method: The obvious straightforward one, the one that trips you up, and one that you might have to do an extra step for so you know what to do under certain conditions.

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Even though I agree I wouldn't want the questions to change all the time either.

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Whenever we got something like that, my teacher would let us hand it in as long as we did the first five or so and the last two or three, just to prove "okay, we get the basic concept. now these fancy problems? got that. the other thirty times? unnecessary."

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