It's annoying when you're texting someone and they send one saying "gtg, bye"... umm, pretty sure you're using a cellphone, you can take it anywhere you're going, amirite?

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Not everyone wants to text all day. Some people consider it disrespectful to text while doing other stuff.

pikabeaus avatar pikabeau No Way +28Reply

You can't have it on in the shower, or on a plane, or during a movie, at church, when you drive (its illegal in california to talk or text on the phone while driving), etc. Or like above comment said; they just don't want to talk to you.

And it's also quite possible that their phone is dying and they aren't around their charger. Think before you speak.

Maybe they are busy having a life.

they prolly juss dont wanna talk to u anymore

@Selly_Em they prolly juss dont wanna talk to u anymore

Agreed. Either that or they have something more important to do. Sex? Sports? Homework?

Mikes avatar Mike No Way +31Reply

Or they could just be sick of you not shutting up

Anonymous +14Reply

Someone's needy...

Anonymous +14Reply

Someone might have told them to get off the phone...

"NO. You CAN'T have something else to do, because YOU'RE ON A CELLPHONE and I'm talking to you!!!!1!11!!"
Really, OP? xD

Maybe their whole life doesn't revolve around talking to you.

Just a shot in the dark.

Maybe they're about to shower, or their phone's dying, or they're out having a life...

My mom makes me put my phone up for dinner... That's probably why..

Takkos avatar Takko No Way +4Reply

These are all good reasons to stop texting but that doesn't mean you have to end the conversation, you can just resume it later (unless it's the situation where they don't want to talk to you)

Sqwanchos avatar Sqwancho Yeah You Are +4Reply

They could be doing something else where thy don't want to or can't text

Anonymous +3Reply

Or maybe they're going to take a dump and don't feel like texting whilst on the toilet.

Anonymous +3Reply
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