Adds on websites bug you, but the ones that flash and having moving objects in them bug you the most, amirite?

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I hate the ones that you scroll over, and they enlarge and start playing some video about clorox bleach that you don't care at all about.

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I hate the ones that make sound the most.

@iloveyoutbh I hate the ones that make sound the most.

Oooh yes. I'm never buying something from Lysol, which I see sound ads from CONSTANTLY.

my least favorite are the ones that make sound because when i'm trying to listen to music and surf the web they ruin it.

i hate the ones that have half naked girls trying to seduce you to get you to talk with "singles in your neighborhood." especially when your parent walks by the computer and theyre like "what the hell kind of website are you on?!?"

Just like bugs annoy me!

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The ones that make sounds are especially annoying when you have roughly 1034013 windows open, and you can't find which one is talking about lysol.

especially when you're listening to a song, go on another tab,
and then a febreez commercial starts blasting in your ears... -.-'

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