Don't you hate those movies where the main character is just wearing a mask that covers part of there face and you can totally tell who they are and yet no one in the movie seems to be able to tell? amirite?

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Cinderella Story is such a joke for that reason.
The area around her eyes is covered, which apparently makes her totally unrecognizable.

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And I was going to mention that this refers to Phantom, but he always wears a mask, and people scream at the horror of his face when he doesn't.

Well, it's even worse when the main character just removes his glasses and kinda gels his hair and the girl he sees at work everyday doesn't recognise him!

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cough batman cough

the princess bride.

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Lol even though its a cartoon I'm gonna say sailor moon :p how many other girls have two balls on top of her head with super long pigtails?

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