See a bug outside: "Hello Mr. Bug." See a bug in your house: "DIE BITCH, DIE!!", amirite?

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lol 'hello mr. bug'

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yesterday i saw a bumblebee on my porch tha' t waved it's arm when i looked at it. so I said "hello, mr. bumblebee."

Anywhere, even church:

The freakiest bugs come out at night!

I killed a mosquito in my bathroom this morning. :3

turtless avatar turtles Yeah You Are +6Reply

I don't like killing bugs.. I kinda feel bad killing them just cuz they're ugly and creepy

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ahahahahaaa "hello Mr. bug" this post it the best! so true :)

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hahaha!!! So funny and SOOOO true.... this is the story of my life....

ninjacow910s avatar ninjacow910 Yeah You Are +5Reply

outside all bugs are male and inside all are female apparently... amirite?

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You have a 1234 yeses so just know I agree. I can't bring myself to ruin it :(

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