you wonder how the fast food restaurants earn so much money if they sell basically everything on the dollar menu, amirite?

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you sell 1 billion burgers at $1.00 each and you make a lot of money

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@AppAwesome but doesn't it cost like .95 to make one?

not with vertical monopolization the do its more like .5 haha its so cheap its kind of sad and gross

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because some people will always have the reasoning of, "it's only a dollar?! I'll buy five!"

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you don't wanna know...

The reason restaraunts can sell burgers for a dollar and still make a profit is because of fillers, which is "meat product". Pretty much, since beef can get costy, they just buy a little bit of actual meat and then use fillers, which are the "other parts", such as organs and more cartliage-filled pieces of muscle. Mostly organs, though.Oh, and if they claim it's "100% beef", it still is cow, it's just different parts. If they don't claim it's 100% beef, then it gets scary thinking about it.

Because people love fast food, fast food places can afford to sell individual menu items for $1. Learn some economics.