The square-shaped iPod nanos were the best, amirite?

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Just to clarify, I meant the square shaped ones that came out a few years ago or so, not the new "touch" ones

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My first iPod!

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@Mary My first iPod!

Mine too! I got the blue one for Christmas in 2007, I think. I remember I was a little disappointed my dad didn't get me the green one haha

my first ipod was the second generation nano! the little square ones that came after that were really cute though, I always wanted one. i have an iPod touch now which i absolutely love, but I think the iPods with the classic clicker wheel will always be the true iPods :p

Which are those? The on;y non-touch square ones I know are the third generation ones, and those are huge and awful. I have a 2nd generation one, it's rectangular and awesome.

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