Waking up and finding everything white from snow cheers you up, amirite?

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Snow? That's what they're calling it these days?

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I live in Florida. It doesn't snow :(

Anonymous +3Reply

It'd be especially awesome to us who don't get snow.

CrazyKKs avatar CrazyKK Yeah You Are +3Reply

especially when it's bright through the closed curtains/blinds and once you open then you realize it's not the sun

Anonymous +2Reply

Until you realize that you're going to be the one to shovel it all.

Rebels avatar Rebel Yeah You Are +1Reply

I hate snow. Except for when i'm snowboarding then it's not so bad


Anonymous 0Reply

It's almost as good as christmas morning

528491s avatar 528491 Yeah You Are 0Reply

I've never seen the snow in my entire life.

wow this was posted almost a year ago

Unless PedoBear paid your house a visit, and If you wake up and see snow everywhere, you're either in a glass house or a tornado kidnapped your house.

Anonymous -1Reply

No. Worst thing ever

this post is kind of racist

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