Hugs from fat(ish) people are so much nicer than hugs from super skinny people, amirite?

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Its like if my pillow had arms.

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As long as it's a hug, I'm happy:)

until their fat engulfs your whole body.

Who wants to be a pencil? I'd rather be a happy magic marker!

Fat-ish people? What about the morbidly obese people? You don't like them? That's discrimination.

I agree, mainly because I don't like hugging super skinny people in fear of accidentally crushing their bones

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i love the way it feels to wrap my arms around someone super skinny. it feels so nice...idk why.

I'm completely indecisive about this...

skinny people are pokey, haha! XD

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"Well, on the bright side, you're fun to hug because you're squishy."

I Give the bestest hugs.. Im comfy

Yeah because they are nice and squishy! Super skinny people poke you and may break when given to forceful of a hug

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One of my best friends got into drugs real bad awhile back, I saw her the other day and when she hugged me I seriously felt like I was gonna break her :( and its not like I'm big, she's just sooo tiny. It makes me hella sad.

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This is sort of a backhanded compliment...

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im a pencil... but i would much rather hug a big person :) its like a giant teddy bear i never had :)

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squish squish he he ;)

Not if they're all sweaty...

Its like huggingthe marshmellow man ! :D

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