Instead of posting something obvious like "I am gay" as somebodys status when they leave their facebook up, you should do something more likely such as, "just took a monstrous shit." amirite?

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It would be even more fuuny if it said " I just took a monstrous shit in the shape of a penis. My ass definitely knows what I like."
Lol x_x

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good job on making me laugh out loud

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Instead of "I am gay" for their status, you could do something a little less conspicuous, like changing their info page to say that they're interested in men and change their profile picture to zac efron or a twilight poster.

You know what would suck? If you DID post that they were gay and their parents saw it and disowned them.

once i made my friends status "will be selling it on the corner tonight, message for deets"
it was funny

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already happened to me! several people liked it in the first five minutes

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I always do that...once I put on my friends "dam, she told me they were razor bumps" and another time "just realized I haven't took a shower all week"

I change their facebook names :')

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