Chip Skylark from the Fairly Oddparents is like the Justin Bieber of the cartoon world, amirite?

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Yeah, except Chip Skylark's songs are awesome.

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I agree. Chip skylark's songs are about things that matter. i.e. good hygiene. Xp

more like jesse mccartney

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@more like jesse mccartney

Then why'd you agree?

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@i didn't agree..


I always thought he was like a young Justin Timberlake

My shiny teeth and me!!!

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the only difference is that chip skylark is a guy and has good music

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Chip Skylark is the Joey Richter of the cartoon world.
Get it right. :P

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i think he's more of a chris kirkpatrick of the cartoon world

The difference is that I'm not ashamed to have Chip Skylark songs on my iPod.

Women: "WE WANT CHIP!"
Timmy's dad: "OR ELSE!"

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Chip Skylark is definitely Joey Richter.
Both are made of awesome.

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Chip Skylark was a good guy though. Remember that one time when Vicky kidnapped him?

So what you're telling me is if I remove Justin Bieber's teeth he'll stop singing

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Chip Skylark is also way better than Chet Sparklepants. (Or was it Fancypants?)

Nah, people actually like Chip Skylark.

Really not.

As in a matinée idol? Then yes, but Chip has a better voice.

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Chip's voiced by someone who used to be in N'sync, I believe.

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@Chip's voiced by someone who used to be in N'sync, I believe.

Yes, he was Chris Kirkpatrick.
I'm pretty sure.

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This post will quickly fall into the negatives=my prediction

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