Why are there such lifelike baby dolls for little girls to play with? Aren't we supposed to be teaching them that having babies at a young age is NOT a good thing? amirite?

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ya and they even make them pee.....

my friend says its just parpairing the kids for when they are mothers, buts shes a C average student so i dont usually agree with her

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Well it does get the point across if you can't handle this doll, good luck with a real kid. And most little girls go through a "mommy" phase. It teaches them how to be loving and nurturing. Oh no, how terrible.

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Oh yeah your right. So let's make one that cries all the time and pukes everywhere to show them that babies at a young age are bad. That's totally a good idea. End of sarcasm.

That's true though.

@Tater Oh yeah your right. So let's make one that cries all the time and pukes everywhere to show them that babies at a...

I had a doll kind of like that when I was like 6, it would randomly start screaming, and the only way to make it be quiet was to try everything, new diaper, blanket, bottle, etc. I think I played with it for like a week before I got tired of it. :/

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Because little kids are always being taken care of, and it helps them be independent and "take care" of something else.

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Am I the only one who hasn't ever gone through any motherly stage?

I bet it'd also help for the little kids that want to play with real babies all the time but shouldn't since they're so little themselves and would end up hurting the baby. I have several cousins/nieces/nephews like this.

Solution: Have the baby dolls be so realistic that they pee, poop, drool, try to breastfeed, and cry at 2 in the morning. Then see how many girls think that they're ready for motherhood.

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Because on some level women are taught that our point in life is to reproduce and be mommies and they like to drill that into females from the youngest possible age >_>

i can kinda understand.ecspecially for an only child it teaches them to care for someone else.but im not an only child so i could be wrong lol

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Well if they do end up having kids at a young age then they'll be better prepared

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