When using the oven at someone else's house, it's best to look inside before turning it on. Some people use it to store all their Tupperware, amirite?

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My grandma keeps a buttload of candy in her oven :D

I learned that the hard way in my own house :/

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omg ik! once when i decided to bake a cake i preheated the oven and i had forgotten that my mom stores all that stuff inside, and i realized like 5min later, when everything was melted and whatnot. thankfully there was no fire.. >.<

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I saw this in a movie and the whole house burned down :/

I was making cookies at my friend's house on monday and thankfully we realized there was a frying pan with a plastic handle in there before it melted.

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My brother's one friend brought me KFC one time when I was sick and stored it in the oven for me for when I woke up - unfortunately my mom pre-heated the oven before I woke up and ended up melting the plastic bag holding the food...oops :D

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I've never, ever heard of this.

I was babysitting my neighbours and the mom had made a lasgna type dish and set it in the fridge and I just had to heat it up at supper and I turned on the oven and a whole crap of Tupperware was sitting in it. I caught it before it melted though :)

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