Afrikaans sounds like an epic language, amirite?
'Dit is eintlik net ongelooflik ingewikkeld, so dit help nie jy probeer nie.'
Well... You prefer English, amirite?

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The kids I babysit speak afrikaans and it's funny to listen to them! It sounds cool. They were showing me words and telling me to try to pronounce them and laughing at me -_-

Hehe, i am afrikaans

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Dis nie so ingewikkeld nie, seeing as many of the words are derived from or relate to their English counterparts.

Ek het nou amper aan my pap verstik toe ek Afrikaans hier raaklees!
Nice to know there is some speakers on amirite

I didn't understand any of that

@Narcaleptic_Narwhal I didn't understand any of that

Basically "It's actually just incredibly complicated, so it won't help you to try".

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I prefer languages whose alphabet isn't Latin. Like, say вот эти буквы с кириллическим алфавитом.

Afrikaans sounds really cool. I like hearing it in music like in Die Antwoord.

Kind of reminds me of German with the way it's written.

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