Whenever you go with your parents to go grocery shopping, they always end up buying a ton more crap than what they came for, amirite?

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yes! lol that happens to my mom alot

Celery=Flat screen tv...they forgot the celery...

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my mom took me to vallarta to buy some sauce and come home so I could watch a movie,she ended up buying a boatload of things and when I got home the movie ended ;~;

"I'm gonna stop by Target for a few things. Be back in an hour."
three hours later
"But they were on SALE!"

My parents are dead now. I only wish I could get them back in order to buy them whatever they want. Adults usually buy more than they need in order to have a good supply just in case there isn't money to buy next time.

Celery=Flat screen tv...they forgot the celery...

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