The people who invented the Shake Weight are proud to introduce their latest invention, the Throat Flex! The Throat Flex helps you to tone your jaw and neck muscles by vibrating as you suck on it while moving your head back in forth! It also uses patented liquid-shooting technology to help cool your face down after you're finished, amirite?

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What a coincidence. I think I just saw their product demonstration on the internet!

I forsee that this post will make POTD, amirite?

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I think this just gave the shake weight people a bad idea.

orangesockss avatar orangesocks Yeah You Are +26Reply

Absolutely a million times yes.

frozen_starss avatar frozen_stars Yeah You Are +22Reply

Haha, liquid shooting technology xD

Post FTW

Katyismes avatar Katyisme Yeah You Are +6Reply

Well when you put it that way, some people get paid to work out...

hehehe its a penis joke tehehehe

When I first read it I was like "Isn't that gum?" Haha I'm slow.

" liquid-shooting technology to help cool your face down after you're finished" hahahahahaha!

.....is this supposed to be dirty, or is that just me?

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i lost my innocence.

Anonymous +3Reply

I love you

Sqwanchos avatar Sqwancho Yeah You Are +2Reply


I have one but I never use it because of things like this! My arms shall be un-toned forever... :(


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....pics or it didn't happen...

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