you've seen some things you really wish you hadn't, amirite?

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I know of a certain embarrassing snapshot from a Christmas party that I almost wish I'd never seen. D:

Yesterday, I found my parents sex toys. Scarred for life...

"I can't find my book, I'm just gonna go into my parent's room and see if it's- dear god DAD GET OFF MOM."

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The Human Centipede...

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@The Human Centipede... -vomits-

I dunno, I found it kinda sexy

There are just some people who shouldn't wear shorts. At all.

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@Miss_Potter There are just some people who shouldn't wear shorts. At all.

Or short sleeved shirts. I was at hospital today the lady in registration was so fat her arm looked like hard and fleshy cottage cheese, Then when I got to the drawing center the guy had ugly tats all over his arms. Time to switch hospitals I do believe.

2 Girls 1 Cup. gag

Blue waffle.

@laureneli23 Goatse.

Exactly what I was going to say.

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Pain Olympics. Nothing can compare.

I was teaching one of my grandmother's friends how to use their iPhone when she got a text message. She opened it and it was a close-up of some old guy's butt. Absolutey horrifying.

That video of the guy throwing a dog off of a roof :'(

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He threw a dog off like 6 story building :(

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tubgirl.net. It's down now, but you can search tubgirl on google images and you will see the picture.

I wasn't too affected by 2 girls 1 cup, mostly because I had already read a lot of reactions to it.


It was just...unspeakable. Not even EncyclopediaDramatica could handle it, and that's saying something.

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