Everyone should get at least 8 hugs a day, amirite?

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Getting a hug from the wrong person makes me want to stab an innocent woodland creature.

hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug there ya go ;)!

track_stars avatar track_star Yeah You Are +8Reply

doctors orders. XD

ClaireTheBozos avatar ClaireTheBozo Yeah You Are +6Reply

:P I tried hugging the guy I like today...except he just stood there and didn't hug me back. It was awkward.

i_am_boreeeeds avatar i_am_boreeeed Yeah You Are +6Reply

i don't like people touching me!

Hugs are special until they're overdone like this.
I'd rather get one once in a while... it makes it seem more special (:


Anonymous +1Reply

Hugs are great, but shouldn't be overdone.

unless they're sick.

Hahah... I just counted. I have seven. But they were all from good people, so not just stupid meaningless hugs.

meysenburgers avatar meysenburger Yeah You Are +1Reply

I get about 5 hugs a day, and I return about 583.

Deadpools avatar Deadpool Yeah You Are +1Reply

I hate hugs. Don't fucking touch me.

Maxs avatar Max No Way +1Reply

I don't get 8 hugs a day. But I'm on my period, so hug me, and you get punched. Hard.

MacaroniSalads avatar MacaroniSalad Yeah You Are 0Reply

Apparently, a study showed that a person needs something like 4 hugs a day for survival, 8 for maintenance, and 12 for growth.
I, however, seriously hate hugs and have been known to hit people who touch me.

GUYS IT'S FROM "ONCE UPON A MARIGOLD"!!!! It's like, one of the best, cutest, books in the world!

Anonymous 0Reply

I got and gave out four hugs today but only because I was in a really good mood from Denny Hamlin winning the Nascar race.

Anonymous 0Reply

Last Wednesday, I got 12 hugs. BEST DAY EVER. MLIA.

midnightcookiess avatar midnightcookies Yeah You Are -8Reply
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