Street sign translations... Stop: Slow to 5 MPH, continue. Yield: Check that no one is around. Wait until someone is and then cut them off. Speed Limit 55: Speed limit 65. Speed limit 65: Speed limit 80. Speed limit 70: No speed limit. No U-turn: Hidden police officer. amirite?

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Do you drive?

@Childish_Gambino Do you drive?

I sure hope he doesn't :/

Anonymous +2Reply
@I sure hope he doesn't :/

That's how driving in the real world works.

DanielJamess avatar DanielJames Yeah You Are +4Reply

agreed. What an idiot.

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@agreed. What an idiot.

@859122 (QWOP): @859132 (emro): yeah, i'm pretty sure having driven is the inspiration for this post...

People need to learn that a yield sign is not a stop sign.

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