If it wasn't illegal to kill, there is AT LEAST one person in the world that you wish you could kill, amirite?

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If i was going to kill someone, I wouldn't give a fuck about the law

Personally, I don't think I could get myself to kill someone... is too nice But... I want to see how the rest of the net thinks. (+1 No Way) (+1 Homepage) :D

so everyone who agreed basically said that the only reason they don't kill people is because of the trouble they would get in..

Evan17s avatar Evan17 No Way +16Reply

itll affect you anyways..with or without a constitution

Anonymous +15Reply

I wouldnt kill, just severly disipline. That way, I could both hurt the person I despise AND keep my pimp hand strong.

BrookeNinjas avatar BrookeNinja Yeah You Are +9Reply

This is kind of scary considering 2/3 yya'd this. If you think about that on a larger scale about 2/3 of the earth's population would take their 1 kill and then we would be left with less than 1/3 of the population.

tags avatar tag Yeah You Are +7Reply

I hear ya... but it would be nice to be able to do it without a consequence, amirite?

Lamb_of_Gods avatar Lamb_of_God Yeah You Are +6Reply

I would feel better peeing on their gravestone than killing them. Note: on the gravestone it won't fertilize the grass which is growing from their corpse

Anonymous +3Reply

Natural Causes Billy... Natural Causes.
Lol well if I could kill the person I want to kill, then it still wouldn't amount to all the emotional pain they've caused me.

So I dno, just hope they die a slow and painful natural death.

Anonymous +2Reply

You are a real person, and I respect that. I feel you.

Lamb_of_Gods avatar Lamb_of_God Yeah You Are +1Reply

But then I'm sure someone would want to kill me as well...
So in the end it wouldn't turn out too well anyway.

LadyPeterPans avatar LadyPeterPan Yeah You Are +1Reply

Meh, CSI taught me how to kill discreetly. If I really wanted to kill someone I would have done it already.

If everyone could kill just one person, eventually everyone on the planet would die.

the number of YYAs pretty much shows why we have war, everyones looking for an excuse to kill

Now I feel bad....I created this post :(... lol

Lamb_of_Gods avatar Lamb_of_God Yeah You Are 0Reply

I have at least 5 id kill.

Weston_whites avatar Weston_white Yeah You Are 0Reply

I bet if it was legal from the very beginning, no one would do it.

if it was legal to kill you wouldn't be here because your parents would already be murdered

@tanman1212 how?

It's not sound logic. It's valid but not sound. For example. If it was legal to kill, your parents would be dead. If your parents were dead, you wouldn't be here. Therefore, if it was legal to kill, you wouldn't be here. In theory, yes, you're correct. However, since your parents wouldn't be guaranteed dead, it isn't sound logic. It is valid, however.

But if is was legal, and always had been, it wouldn't FEEL wrong because you never knew it to be.

Anonymous -9Reply
@But if is was legal, and always had been, it wouldn't FEEL wrong because you never knew it to be.

(Mr.Spock): im pretty sure id still have morals without someone telling me what they were supposed to be, especially when it comes to the value of human life.

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