It's really annoying how Christmas spirit gets taken away from us because people say it offends people of other religions. I really don't think a Jewish person would care if they heard me say "Merry Chirstmas" to my friend. Amirite?

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I agree, and to be honest, I would be kind of happy if a Jew told me, "Happy Hannukah" because he/she was only being friendly, even if I'm not Jewish.

yes but a Hindu/Sikh comes along and get offended. then they turn around and want the schools celebrate Diwali. not that i have anything against Diwali. i just dont like hypocrites

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Us Jews don't care that you say Merry Christmas to your friends, it's a happy holiday for Christians. But we get annoyed when it is said to us ALL THE TIME.

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Well I do get offended when my beliefs are ignored. I happen to be a Pastafarian.

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