I believe homework should not be sitting at a table with a pen and pencil doing equations you'll forget by next week. We should assign things that will be useful to your everyday life, and maybe even someone elses. Help a stranger, plant a tree, make someones day. You learn more experiencing life than sitting in a stuffy classroom. amirite?

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Because the stuff we learn in school will help us earn money, not become a decent human being. It's sad.

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Yea you can have all the 'life experience' in the world and still be a dumbass. They teach you stuff for a reason

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@Yea you can have all the 'life experience' in the world and still be a dumbass. They teach you stuff for a reason

I'd rather be a dumbass & be a genuinely good person, than smart and not understanding the real important things in life.

Preparing today means helping more efficiently tomorrow.

This post is a solution
But there is a problem. A majority of teenagers are lazy and don't believe anything in school to be useful, or they "better" things to do. I use better, very loosely. I know there are a lot of people who would be willing to do assignments like that, but not enough unfortunately, and because you can't Copy off of someone else in these kinds of things, grades would drop. The problem doesn't lie in the assignment, it lies in the fact that people don't care :(
Though I do agree, a change in curriculum would be very helpful.

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I couldn't pay attention to that after I read "thongs" and then "cuteness".
Anyway, I agreed with this because I interpreted it more along the lines of them assigning that stuff along with the typical coursework. I would agree with you if this post is suggesting to take away all homework as we know it now because that would be stupid.


That's all fine and dandy, but I'd like to see you truly change the world without an education. And by change the world, I mean further society in some way, not make someone's day.

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You're right on top of it brother. It makes me sick how much Americans complain about the amount of homework and school that we have. They act like we are spending too much time on stuff like math and science and not enough on home stuff but in reality we are not getting enough. Look at other world powers, they have education systems that pound math and science for hours and hours. We're falling behind.

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Most homework is given for a reason. Even though many of us don't like it, or believe it won't be useful to us, in order to pass a grade you have to have learnt (and proved via a test) that you know the curriculum. Homework is generally a reminder of what you learnt in class, or extra practice for an exam.

And, why do you need to be assigned through school to help someone?

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I'm pretty sure that planting a tree isn't going to help you find the slope of f(x,y) at point (x,y,f(x,y)) in the direction of a given vector. Also, they already encourage community service. Some schools require x hours of community service for graduation and some scholarships require community service.

In real life, Dead Poet's Society teachers aren't real, and for a good reason. Would you want these teachers teaching your doctors this way?

tl;dr They already do and homework is important.

Personally, most of the things I know I learned from doing homework. It's what cements an idea in your head. Also, it can teach you time management. ALSO, it's not the school's responsability to make sure you become a decent person who is filled with life experiences, it's their job to try to make it so you're not a dumbass. AND ALSO, these kinds of things should be encouraged, not assigned.

This kind of teaching is what the next generation of teachers is learning to teach.

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Booker T. Washington style, baby.

Yeah but we need to learn things that we'll use in our careers.
So we can get paid.
And have food on the table.

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Everyone complains about school and homework. Sorry guys but that's not gonna change anytime soon. Just be grateful you're getting an education.

Haha I would like to see that tree you planted teach you how to project what your investment will look like in 20 years.

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In my opinion, we should put what we are learning into use rather than just looking at it on paper. Sure, we get projects every once in a while, but not often enough. I think that if the teachers could in some way make what we are learning relevant to our own lives, more students would actually be interested or at least care slightly about learning.

I'll bet you hope that your doctor's teachers didn't have that philosophy. :)

Lolplantatree. That's very helpful!

School sucks and they drag it on for way too long. the last year of school should be like 7th grade... Everything after that is 99% useless.

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@School sucks and they drag it on for way too long. the last year of school should be like 7th grade... Everything...

I would hope not. I was a dumbass in jr. high. The only thing they should take away is the advanced math classes unless you want to be an engineer or mathematician when you grow up. Everything else is still pretty useful like vocabulary, reading, writing essays, understanding history, forming opinions, debating, etc.

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