If bullying in jr. high/high school has actually gotten better like they say, that's really only because people are afraid to be the first ones to die if that "loser" brings a gun to school, amirite?

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Or if less people are complaining.

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In 8th grade we watched this (fake) video where this one kid got bullied a lot and then shot everyone at school. Good times...

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would u get a fucking life like seriously....

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cause wat do bullies contribute to the world.... oh yah they teach you how to deal with bad people at an early age and prevent you from becoming a wimpy little bitch like the person who posted this. ive actually thanked my bullies because i wouldve been a worse person today without them.

@xiofang would u get a fucking life like seriously....

Would you learn not to use the f word. I shows everyone how stupid you are.

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