It would really suck if two people waited till marriage to have sex only to find that there is absolutely no sexual chemistry amirite?

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I can tell this post will lead to some interesting comments.

but if they have never been with anyone the sexual chemistry will work itself out

@Child_Of_Gallifrey but if they have never been with anyone the sexual chemistry will work itself out

I was with the person I lost my virginity to for 4 years, the sexual chemistry did not work itself out. It was a big part of why we broke up.

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You don't have to get "inside" to have sexual chemistry. Sexual chemistry is more mental than physical; when ppl masturbate its not cuz they have chemistry with their HANDS, its the thought of doing the dirty that makes them orgasm. If your partner turns you on even without sex, you will feel good when you have sex with them. Those couples you were talking about probably had no chemistry AT ALL.

You can usually tell before-hand. If the person you're dating doesn't turn you on in someway you won't have great sex. Like with my boyfriend sometimes just the way he sits, or even strokes my hair, is a turn on...

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The first date with my boyfriend now i knew we had sexual chemistry even though we waited a while before having sex. So a lot of it is mental, but then again if the guy or girl just absolutely sucks at sex the mental chemistry aspect just wont be enough

I mean you can still have sexual chemistry without having intercourse. but I agree with this post, still, because there are a lot of people who wont try ANYTHING out. I think that's kinda stupid. there's a clique at my school of girls who wont kiss a guy until the day that they get married. that's just...not okay

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It's not like so-called "sexual chemistry" is purely genetic thing that you can't do anything about and is totally unrelated to all other attributes and can only be discovered by having sex.

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