Kurt Cobain is an guitar hero, amirite?

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Some kid killed himself a while back, and explained that it was because he lost his iPod(this is a true story). All his friends posted on his MySpace(now you know how old this story is) that he was a great person, a brave soul, and "an hero"(almost all of them referred to him as "an" hero). The /b/tards got note of this constant grammatical error, and got into his MySpace and made fun of them for being idiots, then made a MySpace account for his zombie. Its all been put to rest, but now, whenever someone kills themselves for a reason noted as funny, stupid, or unknown, they are "an" hero.

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I have to admit, I think Kurt Cobain is a pretty cool guy. He died under mysterious circumstances and doesn't afraid of anything.

I get it.

Amazing songwriter? Yes. Extremely TECHNICALLY skilled guitarist? Not really.

Memes aside he really was a guitar hero.

Did he died?

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I'm very very confused. Will someone please just explain it for the rest of us?

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I love Nirvana. Great music. But he really sucked at guitar though... Like really.

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i dont ??!! But that doesnt matter cause i just love him.

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i really feel like I should get this, i probably was in love with nirvana before all of you. Its in my head I know it, but please tell meh.

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i dont ??!!

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You mean ''a''.

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@You mean ''a''.

no i don't.

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@no i don't.

Then you're dumb.

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@Then you're dumb.

no u!
learn your memes

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@You mean ''a''.

You don't get it.

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@You mean ''a''.

Go to urbandictionary and type in "an hero".


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you guys are very stupid.

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