It's really unoriginal when rappers try to rhyme a word with itself. Ex: "that's how the story unfolds, you get a new hand soon after you fold." amirite?

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When you "fold" in poker it means you give up on that round. You then get a "new hand" the next round.

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<3 love that song

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I love that you used "Airplanes" as your example. I really fucking hate that song.

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Who said they were trying to rhyme? O.o

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you are dumb.

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@you are dumb.

I'm sorry, I don't gamble ...


really dumb

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@really dumb

Fo real.

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Or when they rhyme using onomatopoeic sounds

"You can see the mark when it scars, til Abraham Lincoln is screaming out 'AHHH!'"

You try doing a better job then.

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I agree. BUT you used Airplanes as an example. So I pressed no way. :)

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'So air plane, airplane, sorry I'm late. I'm on my way so don't close that gate.'

I know.

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I don't know, that's just the lyrics I googled.

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