In prisons, there should be different recreational areas for different classes of crimes... One for white collar, and one for blue collar. That way there's no "I'm here for embezzlement..." "I killed a guy in Reno just to watch him die. You're my bitch now." Amirite?

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Even though this is a joke, it's actually not too bad of an idea...

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I like the Johnny cash line in there.

There are different classes of prison are there not?

I'm in here for loitering. I live on the edge! They're like "You gotta get outa here," and I'm like "No way!"

(Roughly taken from Brian Regan.)

Very nice touch throwing a Johnny Cash quote

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That is probably one of the smartest ideas i've ever heard. No lie.

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There already is. Ad seg. Gen population. Medical mod., to name a few. Child molesters will go to medical module because they're the most hated in all jail/prison systems, right next to cop killers. Most would think they'd be pc'd. But no. Pc is more like the 'higher class' criminals. Then they have to seperate dif gangs...blacks whites mexicans asias....yeah.

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this already does happen, not for everyone just the really rich, look it up

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Johnny Cash. fuck yes.

Because obviously only blue collar people kill people to see them die.

@jukilo Because obviously only blue collar people kill people to see them die.

... It means the difference between like, fraud, and murder/rape/that kind of thing.