You get seriously pissed off in a nerdy way when they don't include things that were in the books when they make the movies, amirite?

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Film is a different medium than literature, it has different requirements, different goals, and a different person in charge. Changes are inevitable.

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fyi, douchebag, the second post is mine from before i made an account and i just decided to post it again on this account. plus i made that post before the other girl. so stfu

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like i said, the second one that was posted on june 29th was mine, and i'm reposting from this account. that's all.

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Only if it's something important. Like if Dumbledore kept a pygmy dragon instead, then Rowling released the books where Fawkes's phoenix-ness was important, and everything got screwed up. But if it was something trivial, like Harry's hair colour , I wouldn't care. But if Harry were some muscle bound badass, it wouldn't make sense for him to be bullied.

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