Just because I don't want to let my parents see the computer screen while I'm on it, doesn't mean I'm watching porn, amirite?

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I TOTALLY AGREE! it's the same when I'm texting my friends! my mom will ask "who are you texting." "...my drug dealer."

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Totally! I'm only watch pron when my parents ask to see the screen like 75% percent of the time. Why can't they understand it's probably the 25% of the time when I don't watch it? I can't watch porn all of the time!

i'm a bit worried what my mom thinks that i am doing when i do that. i'm not watching porn, i just dont want her reaing over my shoulder.

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I think it's just about trust and privacy....

And those people that voted "No Way" you all watch porn, aye?

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my mom asks me every time i take phone out of my pocket "who are you texting" "what are you talking about" its like she doesnt trust me.

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Doesn't mean your doing it but you most likely are

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