You wish you were best friends with Dane Cook, amirite?

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Nah. He'd probably be the douche of a friend that'd shit on your face while you're sleeping.

Yup. I also want coal for Christmas and coupons on Halloween.

He's not that funny, IMO.

@kisforkangaroo I think he is..

That's fine, then. I just don't think he is.

Hopefully your nat the Brian...

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omg yes. i love him <3

@loveyoualattexx omg yes. i love him <3

He seems like he'd be fun at parties.

I thought his name was daniel cook

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@I thought his name was daniel cook

Uh. Are you referring to the little short on Disney about the kid? No, haha, Dane Cook is a comedian who is known for his energetic and vulgar performances.

He's not even that funny. Russel Peters, the late George Carlin and Kevin Hart seem like they'd be awesome to chill with.

Dane Cook is pretty annoying.
So no.
I have absolutely no desire to know him.

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