When you see the Pokemon HG and SS commercial with Dylan and Cole Sprouse, you can't help but notice that they say "POKE-EH-MON" when people usually say "Pokey-mon", amirite?

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I say like poka-mon

@chickensarecool01 I say like poka-mon

that's how ash used to say it in the first couple seasons therefore, it is correct :D

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Even though nearly everyone I know says "Pokey-mon", it really should be pronounced "pokay-mon"

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If I was mentioning the Japanese Ash, I would have mentioned "Satoshi"

In case you never saw the commercial:
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They sound like little robots or something. It's hilarious!

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They do sound weird saying it, but technically they're pronouncing it correctly if you go by the French pronounciation of é, which would be EH. And I'm pretty sure Ash does tend to say "Poke-eh-mon" he just doesn't put as much stress on the eh as they did.

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lol it sounds so stupid i hate itt!
lol they enunciate every syllable too so instead of pokemon its poke-ay-mohn

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I doubt they even play it....

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The commercial is so retarded they think they are cool advertising it and yeah, they probably don't play it.

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They kinda sounded retarded when they said that. lol :D

i say poke-uh-mon

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i'm pretty sure that's the correct pronunciation...
i mean, because of the accent and stuff...
over here in brazil we all call it pokehmon

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@i'm pretty sure that's the correct pronunciation... i mean, because of the accent and stuff... over here in brazil...

I never said it was wrong, I'm just saying it's strange considering so many people are used to saying it the wrong way.
No where in my post does it say "when they should be saying..."
Just said that it was strange.

They're saying it correctly...

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@They're saying it correctly...

I never said they said it incorrectly.
I just said it's strange.
Obviously if you've been saying/hearing something incorrectly for years, you're bound to find the correct way to be strange.

It's short for Pocket Montsers though, so I think it would be poke-eh, because that's closer the the word pocket.

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