Taylor Swift sounds pretty bad live, amirite?

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Have any of you guys heard her live?

Albert_Einsteins avatar Albert_Einstein Yeah You Are +17Reply

I think she sounds really good live but like all artists your right they sound different live for better or worse.

Anonymous +10Reply

She's improved over the years, her voice is more mature and not so whiny.

I saw her concert this past summer. I'm a big fan of hers, but I know she doesn't have a strong voice so I wasn't expecting a great concert. I ended up walking out of the stadium in awe. She actually sounds really good live!

Her articulation is careless. It's just not good.

mchalla3s avatar mchalla3 Yeah You Are +1Reply

Yeah that's true

97Brookelyn19s avatar 97Brookelyn19 Yeah You Are 0Reply

I remember seeing her on Tv at the VMAs (last year?) and she sounded pretty bad

bigdrummaboys avatar bigdrummaboy Yeah You Are -1Reply

Taylor Swift sounds bad all the time. On albums, she sounds whiny and approximately 3 years old. Live, she sounds even worse. I just don't understand why people like her so much.

WWWYKIs avatar WWWYKI Yeah You Are -4Reply

You mean, there's a time when she sounds good?

eldoritos avatar eldorito Yeah You Are -12Reply
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