Girls are lucky in the sense that they can shave almost all their body hair. For hairier guys, it's either "Ew, you're hairy." or "You shave your legs? You're frickin weird." Amirite?

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Yes but making sure that everything is shaved is wicked annoying. If a girl doesn't shave something she gets ridiculed horribly. I once knew a girl who got razorblades thrown at her for not shaving.

I hate shaving my balls : if you mess up your fucked. Big time.

That's why you trim rather than shave

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It's a huge turn on for me if a guy shaves. It's much sexier and a lot less disgusting. I'd much rather have a smooth skinned guy than a gorilla. Js FYI js. :)

Guys look better when not shaving. But I think that it's more difficult for girls: guys don't have to care, but the amount of time girls spend shaving legs, armpits etc is massive, and a big hassle. But I suppose guys have to shave their face too, so overall I think both genders are even.

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