Taylor Swift needs to get her head out of her ass and realize life isn't a fairytale, amirite?

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And that Romeo and Juliet did NOT have a happy ending. They both freaking killed themselves! But it's not just her who needs to realize that.

Thank you!! Someone, besides me, has finally realized this! :D

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'Yeah you are' was not quite strong enough for me this time.

Thus: 'FUCK YEAH!'


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I have NEVER agreed with a post as much as I agree with this one!

AntiJokeChickens avatar AntiJokeChicken Yeah You Are +6Reply

Oh thank god. Taylor Swift is wayyyyyy over-rated.

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She only directly states that today was a fairy tale. Not life.


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Taylor Swift's new hit single, "Some random person made fun of me in the Internet." Now playing in that faux-sensitive douchebag's car!

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I'll just suggest that you guys look up the lyrics to "White Horse," wherein she specifically says "I'm not a princess / This ain't a fairytale."

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@I'll just suggest that you guys look up the lyrics to "White Horse," wherein she specifically says "I'm not a...

She's probably just quoting what one of her self centered, atrocious, preppy boyfriends tried to get into her head just to make her sad. Didn't work.

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she doesnt even sing country like she says she does... shes an overated POP start

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Can she PLEASE sing about something other then her insane boy obsession? She only has like, 2 songs that aren't about some sort of relationship.

Jackettas avatar Jacketta Yeah You Are 0Reply

She must eat rainbows and unicorns for breakfast if up her ass looks that magical.

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She writes and sings about things that she loves and things that she hates. Yes, the vast majority of her songs are about love, but she's a young adult who writes all her own music that has to do with her own real life. The fact that she has happy, upbeat, fairy tale like songs does not make her ignorant and does not mean that she needs to "get her head out of her ass." She also sings about bad breakups, about things not turning out the way she thought they would, about her mistakes, and about heartbreak. The fact that she is able to bounce back from heartbreak and say "I'm gonna find someone someday who might actually treat me well" makes her a little more admirable to me.

At least she sings meaningful songs about things she knows about, unlike most of the music industry.

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She's so nice, why do you have to be so mean to her?

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I'll suggest you should try looking up songs like White Horse, You're Not Sorry, Should've Said No, Back To December, Picture to Burn and others. They definitely aren't about fairytales coming true. Some of hers are, some of them aren't. Just like a lot of music, there's a mix.

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I'm not going to spend much time trying to convince you that she's not what you all make her out to be - you seem hell-bent on trying to villify her in your mind, which is fine, waste your time on something so trivial - but don't make things up to suit your own needs.

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