Today is the 9th anniversary of the terrible "terrorist" attack on the world trade centre, I think we should pay tribute to those who died by bringing everyone together.... by having a Jenga tournament, amirite?

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This is so wrong.

but I laughed anyway.

so y smilie

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He did not come up with this, the 9/11 jenga joke has been around for years, and this is not funny.

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Out of all the attempted jokes about 9/11, this one is the funniest. I actually lolled

9/11 was one of the scariest and most tragic things ever. People lost their lives because of these terrorists that decided to do that! I dont find this funny and im NOT judging people who do.

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I lol'd

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You sir have the best ideas ever. If this is an original post.

Why is terrorist in quotes?

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@Why is terrorist in quotes?

I think he's implying the government was involved....

Fucking jackass. I actually wish, instead of innocent hardworking Americans, people that claim 9/11 was a hoax were killed instead.

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@or people who complain about funny jokes.

Yeah because this is funny........

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@Yeah because this is funny........

If you were less thick headed, then you would see the humor.

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Ass hole.

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I hate myself for laughing

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You're gross. But thats fine. When someone pokes fun at the death of someone you know I hope you remember that karma is a bitch

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You're a fucking sicko if you laughed at this. Whoever came up with this (and I'm sure it's not the OP because they're probably too much of a dumbass to think of something even remotely clever) obviously did not have anyone they know die during the attack. Go ahead, say it now, but I'd like you see you laughing about it when your friend or family member is viciously murdered in a tragic attack for no reason at all.

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I laughed. I'm not going to lie.It's a joke, guys...

i would have found this funnyish if not for the terrorist part in quotes.... if the op is suggesting that the attack was done by someone other then terrorists then they deserve a big punch in the face

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