It's weird to think that "Say Aah" by Trey Songz is about him cumming into a girl's mouth, amirite?

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Haha, 69 "yeah you are". Funny.

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@Haha, 69 "yeah you are". Funny.

(That one person w...): Haha, nice

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Hmm.. for some reason I thought it was about alcohol. Now I know...

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All of Trey Songz songs are about sex...

Eh, what do u expect, its rap, its all about sex

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@mariamftw wtf

What do you mean, wtf? You've never heard that song?

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i only like it cause of its beat. Lyrics are crap

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Not my kind of music. Eh.

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Trey Songz isn't that good, either.

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