South-east England born and raised On reality TV spending most of my days Bein' racist, whoring out and relaxin' all cool And being disgusting, Fuck the gene pool When a couple of cells Who were up to no good Startin making cancer in my vaginalhood I got one little lump and my doctors got scared They said 'we are putting you on chemo, say goodbye to your hair!', amirite?

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Call me retarded, but who is this about?


sestrada16s avatar sestrada16 Yeah You Are +4Reply

Haha... it took me awhile to figure this out. Now the Fresh Prince song is stuck in my head.

Anonymous +1Reply

Why must I always laugh at posts like these. O.o

Lkuns avatar Lkun Yeah You Are 0Reply

Fresh Prince, adur.

Anonymous 0Reply

this is really offensive.

Anonymous 0Reply

who is this about?
yes, I know it's the fresh prince song, obviously. but this isn't about will smith/fresh prince, it's about someone else but to the same pattern of the fresh prince song.

This is about Jade Goody a UK big brother contestant who died of cancer on Mothers Day two years ago leaving two little boys. Shame on you OP.

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THERE IS NO GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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