You have stood awkwardly outside of your parents bedroom at 2 in the morning contemplating whether you should wake them up to tell them you have just thrown up over your whole bed, amirite?

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Looks like someone woke up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy....

Usually I let them know not WHEN I throw up, but right before if I feel really sick XD

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I uses to do it when I had a bad dream >.<

Ellens avatar Ellen Yeah You Are +5Reply

this made me laugh so hard! its so true!

TheRedSharpies avatar TheRedSharpie Yeah You Are +5Reply

Lucky for me, the last time that's ever happened was when I was like 7. :P

Rainbow35s avatar Rainbow35 Yeah You Are +2Reply

yeaa happend 2 me yesterday at least there is no schl when u got a stomach virus

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if u wanna kno y this is anonymous its bc i want ti 2 b

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