When someone is trying to make it seem like they're really into an artist, they'll usually claim that "they liked the old stuff better," amirite?

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For me, it's somewhat true. TTTYG by FOB was my favorite album out of all of them.

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It's true with Three Days Grace. Their new album sounded really different and I honestly preferred their older ones.

Usually true.

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When I say that, it's because I really liked them when they released a certain album and then I didn't bother to keep up with the band, so I don't know their new stuff.

Hmm, I am an artist, and I like some of the old stuff, but more of the new stuff:3

Ex. Green day. People always say that they should do an album like rookie again, but if they did everyone would flip out about how they were punk posers. sigh

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Gtfo. Now.

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