White People: Tell the truth, you wish that you lived at the time that they had slaves, amirite?

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Yep, no television, phones, computers, fast travel, air conditioning, womens rights and diseases everywhere, all for the glorification of living with slaves around.

@Well if you're a male, you wouldn't really care about the womens rights...

You're right. White males don't care at all about the rights of others /sarcasm/

@shorkian You're right. White males don't care at all about the rights of others /sarcasm/

I'm implying that the man had slaves so they might not care as much as modern men do.

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Black slave trade only occurred after the fall of the Ottoman Empire. Before that all slaves were white. So watch how far you're going back or else you may have been the slave yourself.

BILL NYE THE you-cannot-seat-in-this-seat GUY

As said above: NO INTERNET. :|

If we're going back in time I'm going to the dinosaurs. That's one kick ass pet.

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If you've watched Spartacus TV series, you would want to be a rich Roman

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Women didnt have to take calculus!

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Well, we wouldn't have to go to school, life would be easy and then slaves would make everything easier, and it'd just be AWESOME, but if i had a choice, i would go back to ancient Greace

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