I don't get what the big deal is about 9-11. I mean it's sad and all, but it's not like the terrorists didn't die with them, amirite?

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...Hence the name "Supertroll."

You're kidding right?

Burn in hell you dumbass, what if your parents lost their lives in it too? Then I guess you would be an ignorant bastard if you still grew up to the douchebag you are today. Once again f**k you

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Supertroll is obvs a troll, but needs to learn a bit of sensitivity. the lives of less than a dozen terrorists doesn't change the fact that thousands of americans were killed. And btw, not all the terrorists who planned this, went. many stayed in the middle east.

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oh and their death justifies EVERTHING, huh?

What is wrong with you???? Almost 3,000 people died in that attack! And let's not forget the families that were effected from this. Even if nobody's relative died from the attack, people were still effected from this. So many people were going to go to the towers that day but didn't for what ever reason. Do you know how traumatizing that is?

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OK. superTROLL's post was extremely insensitive. i get that. but i'm pretty he/she get's it too. the point of trolling is to freak people out. so you really don't need to worry about anyone sympathizing with the terrorists. if anything, you should be mad someone's feels it's ok to joke about 9/11

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because 2 terrorists (that swore they would kill themselves for their country) justifies deaths of 3,000 Americans and the suffering of their families. yeah, definatly. idiot.

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@lol? wait are you serious about one missing the flight?

Yep. He was supposed to be on Flight 093, which is the one that the passengers took back from the highjackers and crashed. For some reason, he was unable to make it to the flight, but had all the same records of places and things as the others (such as where they were and what they bought)

what the fuck is wrong with you?? do you have any idea at all how traumatizing this was for so many people not just in new york city but everywhere? i hope terriorists come to your house

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Seth MacFarlane was meant to be on one of those plains, but he was hungover so he missed the flight.


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FUCK YOU. and boom goes the dynamite


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its wasn't actually the terrorists that blew up the towers. The Bush administration planned to bomb the place.

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@its wasn't actually the terrorists that blew up the towers. The Bush administration planned to bomb the place.

Popular Science debunked all those conspiracy theories, do some research before make claims such as that. And if you don't believe one of the leading research groups in America, then you are just looking to piss people off on here. And if that be the case, you need to get some friends and parents to learn morals for human interactions. Maybe you and supertroll can get together, you seem to be hitting it off in terms of being inhumane.

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