It sucks when your gum has run out of flavor and there's not a rubbish bin in sight, so you're kind of just milling around, chewing flavorless gum, amirite?

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I think it's because we don't really expect you to say that. We assume it's just how the media portray's you, and then you say a word we rarely use unless we're messing around. Also, like anon said we're used to a lot of slang.

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hehe... rubbish bin

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@hehe... rubbish bin

hey! copy cat >:O

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@hey! copy cat >:O

sorry :( you can take credit too

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Rubbish bin. Haha u rock

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Oh, you brits, you really get me

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Or swallow it?

Because it's like a breath of fresh air from all the slang terms that we're used to.

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...I suppose there's a reason why everyone's just saying "RUBBISH BIN!!!"...? :P

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@...I suppose there's a reason why everyone's just saying "RUBBISH BIN!!!"...? :P

None of us ever hear 'rubbish bin.' It's 'trash can.' :)

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Im surprised at how many ppl YYA this considering the amount of gum i found under my desk in glass...

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