You kind of wish you had some wicked scar with a cool story behind it, like :"Well, I was fighting the stingray that killed Steve Irwin when a rampant PETA supporter attcked me with a knife made out of tofu.", amirite?

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Well I was one year old and this dark wizard broke into my house...

well, an alligator ate my parents, but then he pulled out a knife and gave me this scar.

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I have a scar that I got while chasing pregnant cows back into their pasture after a fence broke... I tripped on a rock and cut my leg open

I got hit by a car, but walked away from it with only a tiny little cut on my knee. Then I went home and, later that night, cut my hand open on a rabbit cage, leaving a huge white scar across the back of my hand.
A bit like doing a complicated gymnastic routine and then tripping while getting off the mat.

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@FlyingGuineaPig I got hit by a car, but walked away from it with only a tiny little cut on my knee. Then I went home and, later...

My little sister did that at a gymnastics meet! She did this amazing routine on the bars, and then totally ate it walking off the mat. I have it on video :D

I played chicken with a guard rail once. Needless to say, I lost.

Stupid hippies; tofu makes shitty blades =P

i have a scar from running into a door

i was trying to make fried mac and cheese and i burned myself...

I have a scar from being hit in the face by a door knob.

I got attacked by killer mosquitoes!

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I got a scar on my wrist from cutting myself 'cos I'm emo.

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I have a scar from falling off of a school roof

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I have 7 scars from getting hit by a car

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I have a scar on my foot from falling off one of those Razor scooters. I was going really fast down a steep sidewalk and the wheel hit a rock. I was in the hospital on my birthday...not fun

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I have 53 scars on my back, chest, and shoulders. I once convinced a drunk guy I'd been in a knife fight with a Russian midget.

I have a scar from when a wizard tried to kill me but was unable to.

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Hahah, my friend has this really cool scar on her back from surgery she had for scoliosis and we were trying to think of a really cool story to go with it and we ended up with this: She got into a bar fight with a shark. And then as she beat the shark, a member of the backstreet boys came up behind her with a knife and sliced down her back.

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