When watching shows like 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom, you sometimes wonder "who would want to get HER pregnant?", amirite?

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but then you see the guy and you're like, "who would want to get with him? ...oh ya"

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I don't understand why Amber would get with Gary. I mean she is psycho but still, what the hell. Ryan is so hot, it's too bad he's a douche.

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@mchristie She is suchhhhhh a bitch. I want to choke her

I KNOWWWW! Just like she did to Gary. I feel bad for the kid, having to deal with two assholes as parents.

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Well maybe they're nice people....

Nah jokes, they're trash.

Amber is a bitch! She should have her child taken away, I fear for that poor little girl's safety.

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then you see the dad and say. "oh. now it makes sense."

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Gary's so fucking hot. God i'd tap that and watch it jiggle

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