We probably have the technology to make flying cars. It's figuring out what the hell happens if someone crashes in mid-air that's stopping us from building them, amirite?

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it's similar to something called an airplane probably

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how is that a response to what i said?

No. We will never Ever make a flying car. We will make small, personal planes. In the same way that we do not call a plane on the runway a bus, we will not call a smaller plane a car, because it can function on the ground. lol

YouTube video thumbnail Hover cars exist.. duh, guys.

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A flying car has been invented, a while ago actually, there are like 8 of them in use, but they're too expensive and unknown to be used regularly in society, its called a gyrocopter.

I think I read somewhere, not sure though, that the government will never sell personal flying cars, even if they can make them. They have personal planes that fit in your garage and you take them to a runway to fly them. However, and again I am unsure, we will never have flying cars in the way you're thinking of. But crashing in mid air would suck.

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More probably because a flying car would be more a more prolific weapon than a gun 0.0

We don't have the technology to make flying cars that are small and not ridiculously powerful, like Image in content

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