there are two types of people in the world, those who get a cold once a week, and those who never get sick, but when they do, theyre deathly ill, amirite?

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im the latter =/

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@xxirishwristwatchxx me 3 but id perfer that

Yea I guess I would too...I would hate to get sick every week...

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I get sick at the same times every year... and it's always really bad... I always get a cold right around this time (I have one now.. >.>), I get the flu every year, and usually some kind of spring cold. -_-

I never get sick :/ but when i do its pretty bad

The 2nd one like defines my life

i know how ya feel

I must be in serious trouble then...

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Back in middle school I had a terrible immune system and was sick every week. Now I'm never sick and chances are if I am its something serious

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Pretty sure there are more than those two types of people who get sick. When I get sick sometimes it's all the time, then others it's not for agesssss and sometimes it's really bad and sometimes it's not.

And that goes for most people I know.

I'm definitely number one. It hasn't been a month of school and I was already out for a day because of a cold. :P

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I'm the latter. My boyfriend had strep throat and before he knew it he kissed me, and I got scarlet fever from it. I'm like how does that even happen?????

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i'm the first one, i have had a cold for about 3 months and continuing... :p

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I used to have a friend that constantly had a cold no matter what time of the year it was it seemed, but I never caught one off her. I've probably only ever been really sick about five times in my life.

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I'm the first type and my dad and boyfriend are the second. Go figure

feeling sick, immune system don't fail me now

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