Oh hott guy! pushes out boobs, amirite?

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68 people are sluts. LOLJK; this isn't YouTube..

The world needs more sluts like you. c:

@anbright Hahahah thanks?;)

That's what you call a backhanded compliment, if I ever did hear one.

But what you girls don't know is, it's kinda annoying... like me personally, when I'm trying to have a conversation with my friends, I hate it when girls keep distracting me with their boobs. I mean some take their shirts off and throw it at my face, while others rip it off, and then there are some who pour chocolate syrup on their body and make out with other girls and I'm like, "Can I have a minute with my friends?"

@anbright Hahahah thanks?;)

Oh dear, although I am quite proud of my boobs, I wish you wouldn't take such comments as a compliment. It doesn't make you look good.

@KickAss She's proud of what she is, there's nothing wrong with that.

Well, if being known as a slut is something she takes pride in, more power to her I suppose.

Oh hot girl! stick out crotch and accidentally catches hand on bottom of shirt as he is trying to scratch his face

I know what this is sayin', but "pushes out boobs" makes it sound like they're some hidden ...thing within your chest that needs to be popped out to be seen. wary smilie

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It's sad that you that you take that as a compliment.

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wow, slut

You guys I'm pretty sure she was just being funny. Even if she wasn't that's no different than wearing things that make you look better such as certain clothes, hairstyles, or make up just to make yourself look better for a guy. There's nothing wrong with that.

Not to be rude... but what is with the sexual posts? Is it that time of the month?

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Someone is desperate, stupid slut.

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