i bet a lot of people bought Red Vines just because of A Very Potter Sequel amirite?

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When I went to see HP7.2 I couldn't decide what candy to get so I got red vines because it's my favorite way to say "red wines" in a German accent.

Moonshoess avatar Moonshoes Yeah You Are +4Reply

Well, what the hell CAN'T they do?

Starkids unite!

Icels avatar Icel Yeah You Are +3Reply

I did. They were disgusting. I tried to give them away at school but there weren't any takers.

FlyingGuineaPigs avatar FlyingGuineaPig Yeah You Are +2Reply

Then they discovered the one thing they can't do: not taste like a crayon.

jordanhefners avatar jordanhefner Yeah You Are 0Reply

Clearly, people buy Red Vines (along with Mr. Pibb, of course) because of Lazy Sunday.

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